Monday, June 1, 2009

Caring and Hurt...

For the last couple days, I've been thinking on something. Abstractly, I'm trying to decide if it's "better" to care until it hurts then stop or not care at all until the weight of ignoring it causes a similar hurt. It's tough to articulate, and it's probably supposed to be. It pertains almost entirely to people rather than occupational tasks or anything of the sort, but I think it's an important question. And yes, better is in quotes for a reason.

Running with this question focusing on people, is it better to love everyone unexceptionally and bend over backwards to bring other people joy until they show that they can't be trusted with that? Or is it better to not give a damn until you're hit by an overwhelming desire to do any and everything in your power to help/assist/improve a particular person? I don't have an answer and the answer is probably in the middle (because that's where ALL the answers are, right?), but I prefer to think that both approaches have their merits.

Yaay for another cliche, irresolvable philosophical question regarding the nature of human interaction!

(For the record, I think I do one and that it would wholly behoove me to do the other, at least in moderation—it's all about moderation).


  1. Interesting. And what made you come to contemplate this?

  2. its Shane bro!!

    i can totally relate. i've done both...and i hate 'em. either way, i dont think the middle path is the best. i think its better to be one or the other. i'm trying to decide which has paid off better for far, im leaning to the careless side haha

    gotta run. later bro